How to Get License?

In the Sign In page you can sign in through by using our default credentials [email protected], 123456.

After successful sign-in you will see a verification page, you need to verify your Zal Lite server with hardware ID. To verify, you need to register into our Zal Lite license server. After your successful registration, you need to insert your base url or server ip into the base url input field (1st field) & insert license code into the license input field (2nd field). You will get your license code and other information from our license panel, also we will send you an email including all license related information.

After successful sign-in you have to verify your Zal Lite server and license. So at first, you have to get a license from our License Panel. It will take you to Zal CRM to get a license by registration.

Make sure you insert or paste your hardware id inside our license panel. After inserting all valid information into verify page just submit the form, it will auto valided your license and provide your access to Zal Lite dashboard panel.

If you want to get a License, click on License Panel from the verification page. It will take you to our license panel. First, click on the Register button, and fill up all the fields of the registration form with proper information. Make sure you insert valid and your own email address, otherwise you will not able to obtain a license.

You will get a verification email on your email address for email validation (If you don't get any verification email please contact us). You must verify your email address. When you are done verifying your email address, you will get a User ID & Password for login into Zal CRM.

You need to use Username & Password to log in into our license panel.

After successful login, you have to go to your profile & fill up some fields from the license section. In the 1st input field, you need to input the Base URL & in the 2nd input field please input Hardware ID which you can get from the verification page. The last one is License Code will be generated auto, after that you can click on Submit button. Now go back to the verification page to verify your License.