How to Install Zal Lite?

First of all, you have to install Oracle VM VirtualBox in your PC, after successful installation, open your Oracle VM VirtualBox, go to the top left side & click onFile menu & select import appliance from the dropdown list.

After that a new window will be opened called Import Virtual Appliance. You have to select the Zal Lite from local file system & click on Next button.

Go to the bottom of the window, you have to select MAC Address Policy: Generate new MAC addresses for all network adapters, unselect the additional options. Now you can click on the Import button.

A VirtualBox error will be shown then you have to click on Change Network Settings.

In that settings window, you need to click on Network module from the left side menu, you need to select the proper network adapter. Make sure you defined your VM VirtualBox network as bridge network. As you will define bridge network on your Zal Lite server, your Zal Lite server will get an IP from your DHCP network. You need to use that IP to access Zal Lite server. If you need to you can define a static IP in your Zal Lite server.

Now you need to login into Zal Lite server with zal_lite as username and zal_lite as password, zal_lite has sudo permission, so you can do root level configuration on Zal Lite server.

The IP address will be shown & you can copy the IP address & visit on the browser form your computer. It will take you to the sign-in page. You can need a Zal Lite from our Zal Lite license panle. To get the license, please follow the license obtaining tutorial page from the home page.